close up image of snus

Snus, just like foods, is a perishable product. That is why you will see the expiration date is clearly labeled on the packaging. If you keep your snus at room temperature, it is suggested to consume it before the expiration date for the best taste, aroma, and food safety. However, you can greatly extend this expiration date range if you keep your snus refrigerated, because the suggested expiration date on the package assumes room temperature storage. Let’s take a deeper look at why and how we should refrigerate snus to extend its shelf life greatly without losing any quality.

Best practices for refrigerating snus

There are some best practices when it comes to refrigerating snus. If followed properly, these techniques not only keep snus safe as an edible product but also keep the taste and aroma intact both within and beyond the suggested expiration date. If you use loose snus, you should refrigerate it between 4 ℃ to 8 ℃ for a perfect taste and aroma until up to three and a half months later. However, if you use portion snus, following the same procedure will keep your snus fresh for up to five months. For best results, keep them refrigerated in a vacuum-bag, so that the moisture content remains intact.

How to consume refrigerated snus

Refrigerated snus can be consumed without any additional preparation in a normal climate. However, in hotter climates, care should be taken to avoid condensation from sudden temperature changes, especially if your snus comes in paper cans. Snus usually never gets mouldy because of high-temperature pasteurisation. Therefore, as long as your snus does not smell bad, you can consume it safely. But as mentioned earlier, refrigeration helps greatly to retain the flavour and aroma for a longer period. It is often said about snus that 1 day out in room temperature is roughly equal to 7 days inside a refrigerator.