man holding loose snus

Why does snus burn? By burning, we refer to a warm tingling sensation on the gums and if you swallow the juice from the pouch, the burn migrates down the throat. The burn is caused by nicotine and food additives like sodium carbonate and mint flavoring. This usually lasts for about 10 minutes and it is a frustration for users and a common grievance. Sodium carbonate is used to increase the pH of tobacco. Many people quit cigarettes and use snus as an alternative for their nicotine addiction. It is better to opt for more expensive snus, as this burning sensation is often associated with the cheaper snus products.

Sting-free snus

Even with the 4 out of 10 people that consider the “burning” or “stinging” sensation as unpleasant, they still continue using snus as there are other benefits more important to them when compared to smoking cigarettes. A new technology known as sting-free snus was developed by incorporating an ultra-thin membrane or layer that was approved by the Swedish National Food Agency, in the sachet production of snus. This layer protects the gums without affecting the taste or nicotine release. It reduces the PH of tobacco by reducing the acidity and making it more pleasant for snus users, without any burning sensation.

What are the advantages of sting-free snus?

This product is safe and compatible with all the existing snus and nicotine pouches and chew bags on the market. Users experience the same smell, taste, and nicotine release, but without the burn. It’s gentle on the gum and oral mucosa. This product does not involve any chemicals and it’s easy for users to understand. The patent for this is already approved in Sweden and pending approval in the US and Europe, as this invention is one of the best innovations since the development of the pouch and fulfills all Swedish and EU regulations. In 2016, this innovation was awarded the winner of the best business idea in Sweden.