Blue can of snus

Snus has become a competitive market over the past decade and is manufactured worldwide. So which snus brand is the best? Swedish snus brands are still leading the market compared to their Amerian rivals. General Snus is currently the top seller online according to Snusdirect. General Snus was created 150 years ago by Swedish entrepreneur Johan Boman and it is still one of the world’s oldest and most popular brands. General Snus is known for their high quality as well as the rich tastes and flavors. Picking your favorite brand will not be an easy task, with choices old and new to pick from.

A snus favorite for everyone

You don’t need to light up to enjoy tobacco! Snus is a revolutionary product and it is continually being developed and improved, with an exciting future ahead. The current top ten brands have some new competitors to the list and some old favorites that are still very competitive in the market and they have been at the top for decades. The top five are as follows: General snus, Ettan snus, Skruf snus, Göteborgs Rapé, and Grov snus. Snus presents to be less harmful to health than smoking cigarettes and is a huge contender in the market for people who want to quit smoking.

More about General snus

General snus is manufactured by the well known Swedish Match in Gothenburg, Sweden. This factory adheres to Swedish Match’s acrimonious quality of standards, distinguished as Gothiatek. Due to the fact that snus is classified as a food product in Sweden, manufacturing still has to be done at the same high hygienic standards as food. Swedish Match continuously innovates today to keep up with the trend-setting market as well as new innovations in the product ingredients and manufacturing process. Their distinct flavor remains throughout and a unique snus culture is developing globally. Snus is smoke-free and discreet with something for everyone!