using snus

Any tobacco smoker can tell you of the buzz and great sensation they experience after taking a few clouds of smoke from the nicotine-based product. Can the same be said about Snus? Well, the answer is resounding yes! The reason being that both products contain significant levels of nicotine, the ingredient responsible for the buzz. What’s more, Snus products come in a variety of flavors. It could be anything ranging from berry to mint and citrus to chocolate flavors. The diversity in flavors serves to meet every user’s needs, not to mention that they’re easy to use (even for new users).

How Does Snus Work to Give Its Users a Buzz?

The pleasant feeling gained by using Snus is comparable to the feeling attained by lighting up a cigarette. The mental rush (brought about by a sudden increase in adrenaline) is due to the absorption of nicotine into the user’s blood vessels, which results in increased blood pressure and heart rate. Other than the adrenaline-induced rush, the use of Snus serves to make its user calm and happy. Again, the comfortable feeling is made possible by nicotine that stimulates the release of the happiness hormone, also referred to as dopamine. The release of these neuro-transmitters helps to bring pleasure to Snus users, resulting in happiness.

Why Is Snus Your Best Way to Ingest Nicotine?

Unlike cigarettes, using Snus is associated with more freedom. While cigarette smoking may be prohibited in certain areas, Snus is not. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a restaurant, an office, or in a public transport system; you can always take the nicotine product without anyone noticing. When using Snus in public places, you should mind how you dispose of the product. Additionally, Snus can be used as a substitute for smoking. Persons intending to quit smoking can use powdered nicotine products to make this possible. What’s more, certain Snus brands that contain minimal nicotine content will help deal with nicotine cravings.