Snus pouch in focus

Snus pouches are a cleaner, easier and more convenient way of enjoying snus than the traditional loose snus. Not only do snus pouches let you avoid the bothersome packing and shaping of the snus, but it also makes throwing it away a whole lot quicker and tidier! Some people feel the taste and mouthfeel of snus pouches isn’t up to the standard of the loose snus, but this is down to individual taste. If you enjoy loose snus and you’ve never tried a pouch, you’ve got nothing to lose by giving them a shot. Chances are, you’ll even find your favourite snus packed in pouches.

How are snus pouches made?

To make snus pouches, snus manufacturers package moist snus powder into small sachets, similar to tea bags. The fabric of the sachet is made to let the aromatic substances from the snus filter through, while all solids are kept within the pouch. The sachet will not dissolve, but the snus will lose its taste and smell gradually. Snus pouches are available in different sizes, most commonly as mini, normal and maxi based on the weight of product within the pouch. Some brands also offer the choice between regular and long/slim versions, allowing customers to choose based on which style fits their gums better.

Types of snus pouches

Snus pouches are found in two main varieties – original and white. The original snus pouches are moistened during manufacturing, thus producing a brown, moist pouch, often considered the stronger variant. White pouches are generally milder tasting, and due to no moisturisation during production, the pouches appear drier. The lack of moisture also results in a slower release of nicotine and flavour from the pouch, potentially giving a prolonged usage-time. However, this is also responsible for the milder taste, and so many still prefer the original pouch for more of a punch. Pouches do vary greatly between brands, and you can only find your favourite by trying them out.