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Snus has been around for more than 200 years, and it started as a loose and dark substance. Snus is a traditional Scandinavian smokeless tobacco that is mostly used in Sweden. Today, it is widely used by Swedish people, and it has also been licensed as a food product under the Swedish Food Act in the 1970s. Besides that, Snus product can either be portioned or loose, and it is consumed by placing a pinch of the snus product between the gum and the upper lips for a certain period. If you’re just getting started with snus, this article will discuss the most popular brands.

Most Popular List of Snus Brands

One of the most popular snus brands is Shiro Snus. Hiro means white in Japanese, and it is getting more and more popular in Switzerland. If you are looking for a White snus with Mint taste, Shiro Snus is the perfect fit for you. The Shiro Cool Mint Snus is more recommended for experienced users, and it’s stronger than the Fresh Mint. Another top Snus brand is the Al Capone Snus, which is mini snus that offers 4 various tastes for snus users (Vanilla, Chocolate, Berry, and Mint). Al Capone is more portable, which makes it easy to carry around.

Additional Information

Another popular Snus brand is the G4 Deep Freeze White Slim Snus, which is an addition to the General Snus Family. It is very strong and comes with a refreshing mint taste for users to enjoy, and also contains 16.8g of tobacco. Roda Lacket Lose Snus is another popular brand from Sweden that comes with a large amount of nicotine and great taste for snus users who enjoys strong snus. Additionally, Skruf Snus is another brand that’s gaining in popularity in Switzerland and Germany. The Skruf family features several flavours, to include mint, cranberry, lose snus and many more. Others include Odens, Ettan, Göteborgs Rapé, Grov, Siberia, and more.