man holding a can of snus

There are different ways in which people use snus. Its popularity has spread across the world and people are becoming curious to understand how it is used. Most often, it’s used by placing it under the lip, making it less intrusive than cigarettes, for example. It also doesn’t need to be spat out, making it much more hygienic. There’s no denying that the majority of the world’s population understand smoking, as they come into contact with smokers often. However, these people are exposed less to snus, making it difficult to understand its consumption. This article will take a look at how to use it in each of its forms.

How to Use Loose Snus

Loose snus is one of the forms in which snus occurs. If you have never used snus before, it is important that you understand how to use loose snus. The first step is to open the can that contains the snus. You then put your index finger and thumb in the full snus can. You can take a small quantity between the two and form a wedge in the process. Lift the snus out of the can. You then lift your upper lip to the side. You should take the wedge and place it under the gum and upper lip.

How to Use Portion Snus

Just like loose snus, portion snus is another form in which snus exists. One advantage of portion snus is that it is pre-packed and easy to carry around. If you plan to use it, you don’t have to get your fingers dirty. It is available in 3 sizes; large, maxi and mini. The mini portion snus has about 0.5 gm of snus. The large portion snus has about one gram of snus. Maxi snus has the highest amount of snus, at 1.5 gm. If you want to use portion snus, just place the pouch under the lip, to either side rather than the middle.