quit smoking

Can snus (Swedish moist type) really help people to quit smoking? In the last decade, there has been an increased interest in snus as an alternative to smoking cigarettes. Research has shown that it is considered a safer option. Snus is milled and dried tobacco that is mixed with water, sodium carbonate, salt, and flavourings. It comes in a pouch that is placed under the upper lip. It is easier for people to quit smoking and to use snus as an alternative. Snus also contains nicotine and it is absorbed faster through the body compared to cigarette smoke or burned tobacco.

Is snus really different?

Snus is definitely a potential alternative and it is less harmful than smoking, but nicotine dependency does remain. Some people only use snus as an alternative when they are unable to light up a cigarette, but then go back to smoking when they are able to do so. Snus is not just beneficial to a person that is trying to quit smoking, it is also beneficial to the public. Nicotine pouches are mostly white and are not harmful to teeth, as compared to combusted smoke that leaves teeth discoloured. More than half of the Swedish snus users are ex-smokers.

Snus and health factors

Studies revealed that individuals switching from cigarettes to snus showed a lower risk of cancer or cardiovascular diseases as opposed to those who continued to smoke. Observations concluded that about 71% of people who smoked and used snus as an alternative have ceased smoking, compared to the 54% of non-snus users. When it comes to men, 62% who quit smoking confirmed that they used snus as an aid to stop cigarette smoking. Compared to cigarettes, snus is the less dangerous option. To make it even more appealing, snus is available worldwide, can also be purchased online and comes in a variety of flavours, strengths, and sizes.