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Snus pouch in focus

What are snus pouches?

Snus pouches are a cleaner, easier and more convenient way of enjoying snus than the traditional loose snus. Not only

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What are snus pouches made of?

Snus contains tobacco plant, water, salt, flavouring substances, and other ingredients. Once the snus is made, it is fixed inside

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Why is snus refrigerated?

Snus, just like foods, is a perishable product. That is why you will see the expiration date is clearly labeled

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Why does snus burn?

Why does snus burn? By burning, we refer to a warm tingling sensation on the gums and if you swallow

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Who invented snus?

Let’s take a closer look at who invented snus and where it originated. In 1492, Columbus arrived on the island of Haiti

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Which snus brand is best?

Snus has become a competitive market over the past decade and is manufactured worldwide. So which snus brand is the

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Can snus help you quit smoking?

Can snus (Swedish moist type) really help people to quit smoking? In the last decade, there has been an increased

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What Snus Gives the Best Buzz? How Is It Achieved?

Any tobacco smoker can tell you of the buzz and great sensation they experience after taking a few clouds of

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Can snus go bad?

Snus is considered fresh goods, and as such should be treated with care! Luckily, taking care of your snus isn’t

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All About Snus and What Snus has the Most Nicotine?

The consumption of tobacco has been practiced globally for several decades. The nicotine content found in the tobacco plant is