two different cans of snus

The consumption of tobacco has been practiced globally for several decades. The nicotine content found in the tobacco plant is the primary reason humans consume tobacco. However, recent times have seen a gradual shift from using the typical tobacco products to smokeless tobacco, commonly referred to as Snus. The product is powdered tobacco: its consumption happens through placing it between the lips and gums. There are many different types of Snus. The nicotine level is the notable differentiating factor in the various kinds of Snus. This article is going to look at the Snus brand with the highest nicotine content. Continue reading to find out.

Siberia: Most Potent Snus with High Nicotine Content

As stated earlier, several types of Snus products exist, all from different manufacturers and with varying levels of nicotine content. Among the several types, the Siberia brand, a product of GN Tobacco (a Swedish Tobacco producer), is the most potent in its nicotine content. Siberia’s most notable feature is its high nicotine, with the Dry version being the most potent (containing 43mg of Snus for every 1 gram). Compared to the normal strong Snus, which contain 8mg nicotine for every 1gram, you’ll need five portions to have equal strength with Siberia. Other than its high nicotine content, Siberia has a spicy taste thanks to its mint flavor.

An Effective Production Process

Snus products come from tobacco seeds, following an effective production process to guarantee its quality. This process involves using traditional techniques and modern technology, all in a bid to ensure the output meets the required quality standards. A keen study of the tobacco’s seed and the quality of soil is necessary before planting. The same research also applies to the geographical and the topographical conditions of the land in question. Unlike other plants, the ripening of tobacco occurs from the bottom up. Its harvesting process also requires a bit of skill to be done well and obtain quality output.