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What is snus?

Snus, a moist and smokeless powder tobacco pouch you place under your upper lip, has origins in Sweden. Once you’ve finished enjoying your bag, you need not spit it out, and neither do you burn it. Snus gained popularity in Sweden because users thought it would help preserve tobacco. Furthermore, its proponents argue it provides a means to lower cigarette smoking rates. Most often, people use snus to help them quit smoking and also as a cigarette smoking alternative if they’re unable to stop smoking entirely. With a growing popularity, today you’ll find many snus brands and flavours available.

How Does The Global Snus Market Look In 2020-2024?

Suppose you look at the snus market by product segmentation. In that case, portion snus takes the leading position within the global market—furthermore, a significant trend in this market is the increasing number of bans on smoking worldwide. However, the global market on snus has a projected CAGR growth rate of 11% during the period. Among the key market drivers and challenges include flavoured snus availability driving this market, while harmful health risks associated with snus consumption could slow market growth. Top market players include Swedish Match AB and Altria Group Inc. Finally, projections have it that the European region would contribute 57% of the expected market growth worldwide.